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Our Services & Ammenities

Our Services Include


Including exercises, birthday/holiday celebrations, manicures, Bingo, crafts and gardening.

Therapist Scheduling

Coordinate with outside services.

Customized Care Plans

Comply with orders from doctors and therapists.

Incontinence Care

Coordinate internal care services.

Medication Management

Manage and administer medication.

Health Equipment Set-up

Coordinate with outside services and providers.

Memory Care Needs

Coordinate services as needed.

Religion Observed

Preferences are observed.

Pharmacy Coordination

Coordinate with outside services.

Health Management

Including diabetes care.

Occupational Therapy

Coordinate with outside services and providers.

Salon Services

Coordinate with outside services.

Our Activities

Based on comfort level and physical ability, our residents can choose to participate in any of our offered activities, including: physical activity incorporated into daily routines, board games, crafts, movies, card making, live entertainment and puzzles.

Our Approach

We believe teamwork, an atmosphere of camaraderie, a sense of belonging, and the enjoyment of learning creates a cohesive work environment.

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